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Flower of Love Gift Box

S$ 48.80/box

Shou Xin Bou - Royal Confections – Gift Box(3 Layers)

Joyous and celebration moments to cherish

S$ 65.80/box

 *Royal Confections – Gift box
1. Taiwan original pineapple Cake  2pcs
2. Chocolate Cookies  1pcs
3. Agar Konjac Plum Jelly   2pcs
4. Okinawa Black Sugar Snow Ball 1pkt
5. Kochi Pomelo Snow Ball 1pkt
6. Chocolate Cake 1pkt
7. Sesame Cookie 1pkt
8. Agar Konjac Sakura Jelly 2pcs
9. Red Bean Cream Daifuku 3pcs
10.Cream Black Sugar Daifuku  4pcs
11.Red Bean with Dates Cake 3pcs
12. Black Bean Cheese Cake 3pcs
13. Chestnut Cake 3pcs

Taiwan Gift Pack



Royal Confections-gift box, gradually carried out, sounds like a description of earth’s graitude, renew old friendships, gather thoughts, wishes, and so the story, three-etiquette, delicate ingenuity, not only worthy of appreciation to win more appreciative!
 *Flower of Love Gift Box
1. Taiwan original pineapple Cake  4pcs
2. Black sugar peanut snow ball 4pcs
3. Sesame cookie 1pkt
4. Chocolate cookies 1pkt
5. Agar konjac ume jelly 1pcs
6. Cagar konjac sakura jelly 1pcs
7. Black sugar warabi mochi 1pkt
8. Pomelo warabi mochi 1pkt
9. Pineapple with pomelo cake 4pcs
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